Alisons Story

One of the questions I’m most frequently asked is: “What on earth inspired you to start this business?”.

I have a long background in both art and sewing, but also in ceramics, various other crafts, music and horticulture. I also have a passion for environmental sustainability, and I love to be in the bush with the native plants and animals.

Most of my sewing experience involved making clothes, children’s toys and the occasional church banner. So when a dear friend of mine, who was soon to be ordained, asked me if I would consider making a set of stoles for her I was both amazed and honoured. I had never done any machine embroidery before, and hand embroidery was just not my thing, but somehow Judith saw something in me that I was not aware of myself. She trusted me and worked with me. The result was a set of 5 beautiful stoles which she cherished until her death from cancer about 6 years later.

At that time, about the mid 1990’s, Judith and many of her colleagues were looking for vestments that were different – more contemporary – more Australian – more 21st century global!

Judith inspired me to believe in my God given abilities, so a few months after making the stoles for her, I decided to offer my skills and ideas on a wider front.

The business grew rapidly via word of mouth, and also through the support of many inspiring people – both lay and ordained. I am forever thankful for this early encouragement and inspiration. Some of the artwork for the vestments and altar cloths has arisen out of discussions with customers and friends. My sincere thanks goes to all of you for your willingness to share your faith and your ideas.

I am humbled and grateful for the wonderful feedback I receive from you, my customers. You encourage me to keep coming up with new ideas, and in the process you challenge me to keep walking the spiritual journey.

I hope that through my small offering you, and those you touch will find your path enriched and inspired.