Customer Feedback

What my customers have said:

  • “Thank you for the gift you are giving to the Church.”
  • “The stole adds another dimension to worship. I praise God for giving you this creativity.”
  • “The Stoles are proving to be a meaningful focus for pastoral conversation.”
  • “Uniquely beautiful.”
  • “As an ex-moderator of the WCC Worship Committee, and one who has travelled widely in the church, I would say your stoles are the most beautiful, finely crafted and designed of any I have seen.” (Rev D. McRae-McMahon. Sydney)
  • “Your work is a precious gift to the church. It bridges the gap between the history of the past and the challenge of the future. Alison as I use your work within the context of my ministry as a Minister within the Uniting Church, I believe you have given a real treasure to the church. Please keep blessing us all as you do.” (Rev L. Findlay. Sydney)
  • “Alison the stole…is BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely love it!! The workmanship is impeccable. You have been blessed with a tremendous gift. Thank you so very much.” (Rev J. Roderick. Pennsylvania)
  • “The stole is beautifully shaped and made; it indicates a very high degree of artistic ability coupled with superb technical skills.”
  • “May your skills continue to help others to focus their faith.”
  • “Absolutely sensational!”
  • “I was deeply moved by your remarkable design and the story it tells of our faith and its possibilities.”
  • “Your gift… is a blessing to the congregation.”