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Sunrise Altar Frontal

A striking image in Stained Glass applique.

Cross, Banksia & Butterflies

An Altar Cloth or Frontal to celebrate the new life of Easter. The butterflies are 3 dimensional so have the appearance of flying off the surface of the Frontal.

Banksia spinulosa – Light and Life

This banner has been created using a combination of free machine embroidery and appliqué.

Resurrection Banner

This banner was created for the chapel at Long Bay Gaol. It measures approximately 2.5m x 3m. The banner depicts the death to life experience through the symbolism of an Australian bushfire. The left picture is the full banner, and the right picture is a detail of the tree and animals. Resurrection Banner  Banner for Long Bay

Poppies in the City

These banners were made originally as a pair, but are available either individually or together.

The price shown is for the 2 banners as a set.

You can choose to have your own skyline. Just send me a photo of it.

Poppies in the City 2

Poppies in the City

The poppies are made 3 dimensionally and measure about 25 to 30cm across.


Waratahs and Flannel Flowers

This image is actually a detail of the Altar Frontal (of the same name), but it would make a wonderful banner celebrating the Australian Bush.

Building Community

Banner about coming together and building community. A general purpose banner about our life & mission.

Pentecost Banner

This banner is created using stained glass applique.

Christmas Candles

Banner for Christmas celebrating the coming of the Light of the World

Promise of New Life

A very Australian image of new life after the devastation of bush fires.
This is a smaller, simpler version of The Resurrection Banner.