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Flames & Dove Chasuble

A striking Pentecost image of flames and dove, embroidered in stained glass applique.

Flying Free

Butterflies in flight with ‘free’ cross.

The chasuble pictured is edged with a fine gold braid, and does not have a collar.

Dancing Figures with Cross

The dancing figures are supported by the ‘hand’ of God, and are celebrating freedom and life. The chasuble pictured does not have a collar.

Fire and Sunrise

Metallic and satin fabrics have been used to create the images on this chasuble.

Metallic gold braid has been used for the edge trim.

The chasuble pictured has a collar with a pointed back.

Chasuble with Celtic image and Eucalypt Blossom

Full length vestment with pointed collar. Gold satin or braid edge all round. Southern Cross star constellation on back of collar.

Desert Path

A journey through the desert towards the light of the Risen Christ.

A combination of fabric paint, applique and free machine stitching has been used to create this image.

This chasuble is available with or without a collar.