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Dancing Flames – Deacon

This is a modified version of the image on Minister’s Stole #34, & without the flowers as on the Deacon stole #62.

Tree Silhouette Misty Sun

A combination of fabric paint & stitching here creates a powerful image of the promise of new life. This is the same image as on the No. 11 Overlay Stole

Australian Waratah with the Resurrection Cross

Symbols of service

Bowl, towel and Latin Cross.

Advent candles and stars

This Star image represents God’s promise to Abraham.

Australian Flannel Flowers and Dove

Butterflies in flight

Banksia serrata Flowers (Old Man Banksia)

As with many Banksia species, the seed follicles of this plant must be exposed to fire before they will release their seed and regenerate.

Advent or Lent Deacon Stole

Repentance and the Promise of New Life! This is a close up of the image on a Deacon stole.

The price given is for the completed stole.

Symbols of service

Deacon Stole with the Bowl, Towel and ‘Free’ cross.