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Lent Stole

The Passion Cross with Crown of Thorns is on both panels of the stole, and the Greek cross (Ref. 334) is on the back at the neck.

Wedding Stole

This stole is mainly designed for weddings but could also be used for Baptism.

It features Water flowing from a shell, plus the Dove of peace carrying 2 rings. This stole also features a small Celtic Cross (Ref. 339) at the back of the neck.

Dancing Flames – Deacon

This is a modified version of the image on Minister’s Stole #34, & without the flowers as on the Deacon stole #62.

Tree Silhouette Misty Sun

A combination of fabric paint & stitching here creates a powerful image of the promise of new life. This is the same image as on the No. 11 Overlay Stole

Pentecost Wave & Dove

A beautiful design for Pentecost or any Celebration

Rainbow Sunrise!

A stunning design in Stained Glass applique. Great for any celebration.

Joining the Dance

A new design ! This one on an Advent stole, but the design could be used for other church seasons!

Rainbow Spiral

A bold image of promise and celebration. The gift of life moves out in all directions, breaking down all barriers.

Symbols of service

Bowl, towel and Latin Cross.

Eucalyptus Blossom and ‘Free’ Cross